1,000 Inventions and Discoveries

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Published by DK Children

By Roger Bridgman

RRP: $19.99

About 1,000 Inventions and Discoveries

From the prehistoric hunting tools our early ancestors used to the modern-day smartphones and social media that connect the entire planet, this book provides a fascinating tour through the history of humankind's inventions and discoveries.

Fully revised and updated for 2020, 1000 Inventions and Discoveries explores recent inventions like the Amazon Echo as well as showcasing revolutionary historical inventions such as the wheel. Whether you're a budding inventor, a history buff, or both, this amazing guide is packed with the inventions and discoveries in science, technology, transportation, medicine, and mathematics that changed the course of human existence.

Find out who came up with the idea, how they were influenced, and key events that formed the backdrop of the discovery. Packed with stunning pictures and features, this book enables you to relive the most amazing discoveries ever made. Feature boxes and spreads highlight the most important inventions and discoveries, delving into new depths of detail to uncover the stories behind the most important and remarkable inventions and discoveries in history.