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Published by DK

By Michael Tran

RRP: $14.99

About Happy Bonsai

Busting myths and making bonsai accessible to everyone, Happy Bonsai will make you fall in love with this most meditative of garden crafts.

Do you know your shari from your nebari? Can you tell a raft display from a semi-cascade? Do bonsai grow better indoors or out? When is the best time to prune? How do you create that windswept look? Happy Bonsai has all the answers, plus expert tips such as why pruning roots is just as important as pruning branches.

Forty tree profiles provide easy-to-follow growing information, with both day-to-day and seasonal care advice, along with ideas and tips for how to shape and display. Specialty techniques--such as repotting, wire training branches, defoliating, and root and branch pruning--are explained with illustrations for each stage of the process. Techniques are then put into practice with demonstrations of how to achieve the main types of bonsai display, from an informal upright specimen to a forest group or root-over-rock display.