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Published by DK Children

RRP: $8.99

About When I Grow Up - Great Leaders

How do little kids grow up to make a change and become respected leaders? Find out in this inspiring board book for little ones with big dreams.

Everyone, from Nelson Mandela to Ruther Bader Ginsberg, was once a small child learning about the world. Read how a diverse array of kids discovered what they were passionate about, worked hard, and followed their dreams to make a positive difference as adults. With adorable illustrations of leaders as young kids, then as inspiring adults, these leaders will seem like friends to your little one, and kids will see that great leadership and change really can be achieved by anyone.

Meet lawyer and jurist Ruther Bader Ginsberg as a young girl learning the value of education and independence from her mother, young Nelson Mandela as he developed leadership skills through sport as well as education, and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf whose experience of political and social unrest when she was growing up inspired her to become a leader and ease the tensions she witnessed as a child. Let your little one turn the pages and see that, like these incredible individuals, the dreams they have as a child really can come true.