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Published by DK

Foreword by Judith Miller

RRP: $50.00

About Design

Celebrate the history of design with this stunning visual guide 

What makes a truly good design? This comprehensive reference guide explores the evolution of design through the key designers, manufacturers, objects, and the movements they inspired -  from the Arts and Craft movement to the digital age.
Design is all around us, from the chairs we use at work, to the crockery we eat on and the cars we drive. The pages of this book are packed with fabulous images of objects, technology, prints, buildings, and interiors that will help you explore the fascinating history of design movements, illustrating how and why different styles emerged and became popular.  

This glorious and comprehensive view of classic design includes:

   • Timelines of key historical design movements
   • Visually stunning image catalogs that celebrate innovation in glassware, posters, typography, furniture, and much more!
   • Profiles of key designers, manufacturers, and iconic objects over the last 150 years

Explore the big historical moments in design such as the Art Nouveau, Art Deco, mid-century modern and contemporary movements. This reference book will show you how each one began, its philosophy, and its visual style. This volume also includes all of the great names and manufacturers who have influenced the field of design such as William Morris, the Bauhaus, Alvar Aalto, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Vitra in extraordinary detail. 

Design is Thinking Made Visual 

Expert analysis, stunning photography, and a huge range of objects both familiar and extraordinary, SI Design explains what makes a truly great design and reveals the hidden stories behind the everyday things all around us. A true celebration of classic design - and the perfect gift for design lovers of any age.