Marvel Black Panther Rules!

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Published by DK Children

By Billy Wrecks

RRP: $17.99

About Marvel Black Panther Rules!

King of Wakanda, leader, protector, Avenger

Do you know what it takes to rule a great nation? Or how King T'Challa, the Black Panther, becomes the strongest and fastest man in all Wakanda? Or how he joins the mighty Avengers to fight alongside other Super Heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel? Well, Black Panther Rules! spills the beans on all this and much more.

Featuring hilarious cartoons, awesome Marvel Comics artwork, and lively, humorous text, Black Panther Rules! will enthrall even the most reluctant young reader. Learn about Black Panther's amazing powers and how he gets them from a terrible-tasting herb. Discover the tough challenges he must face to become King of Wakanda. Marvel at the incredible inventions T'Challa's annoyingly super-smart sister Shuri creates to protect them and their people. Find out how an alien meteor helps make the ancient kingdom of Wakanda one of the most powerful and secretive nations in the world.

The perfect gift for young fans of Marvel Comics and Super Heroes, Marvel: Black Panther Rules! is a thrilling, playful, and fact-filled journey into the wondrous world of the Black Panther--and shows you what it takes to be a hero!