The Book of Brilliant Bugs

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Published by DK Children

By Jess French

Illustrated by Claire McElfatrick

RRP: $16.99

About The Book of Brilliant Bugs

Learn about the amazing world of bugs in this gorgeously illustrated book packed with insect facts.

Enter the kingdom of bugs for a magical and colorful journey through the forest floor, down into the deepest caves, and even across the open ocean. Insects and bugs are crawling off the page of this colorful bug book, which combines gorgeous illustrations and photos to help young entomologists spot and learn all the main bug groups. From dancing bees to jumping fleas, from butterfly athletes to the beetles that eat poop, they'll learn all about the incredible secret world of creepy crawlies. Did you know that ladybirds love to snuggle or how fireflies glow so brightly?

The Book of Brilliant Bugs, written by insect expert Jess French and illustrated by Claire McElfatrick, takes children on a fascinating journey of exploration, showing them just how amazing creepy-crawlies are. It includes insect relatives such as slimy slugs, web-spinning spiders and scuttling centipedes. Discover how bugs pass on messages, compete for food, seek true love, and fill the air with buzzing wings.