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Published by DK Children

RRP: $19.99

About Ice

From the mighty mammoths and deserts of ice to early explorers and polar survival, come face to face with one of Earth's greatest resources: ice.

With captivating CGIs, illustrations, and photography, DK's Ice will take readers on an epic journey from the ice age to modern day, exploring how icy worlds are created, how creatures live in these harsh environments and the impact of climate change.

Learn about early humans and how they survived in one of the most hostile environments on Earth, the tragic and treacherous journeys of early polar explorers, how icy landscapes develop and change, and meet the animals who make these frozen lands their home. Detailed annotations explore the place of ice on our planet and how we and other animals survive and interact with it. Ice is the perfect companion for any reader who wants to discover frozen worlds and the creatures that make them their home.