Help Your Kids with Geography

Paperback cover of Help Your Kids with Geography

Published by DK

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About Help Your Kids with Geography

Perplexed by plate tectonics? Confused by climates? Disoriented by demographics?

Help Your Kids with Geography helps parents come to terms with what their children learn in geography class by exploring all these topics and more. Covering all the important areas of human and physical geography, from geopolitics to geology, and from continental drift to cultural migration, Help Your Kids with Geography presents information in a visually appealing way by using clear graphics and instantly understandable diagrams. It features accessible, jargon-free text, giving parents and kids up-to-date and wide-ranging facts and information about the physical world and how humans affect, change, and move within it.

With a comprehensive and stress-free approach to geography, this book also builds the confidence of parents and kids practicing geography fieldwork skills such as map reading, spatial analysis, and using GPS. The book includes a detailed reference section, including a glossary of terms and symbols, further reading, and an index. If you're looking for a one-stop shop for the subject, Help Your Kids with Geography is the book for you.