One Million Things

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Published by DK Children

RRP: $24.99

About One Million Things

This astounding book is a children's encyclopedia with a difference.

Amazing facts about science, nature, history, and more are brought to life in a unique photograph, as incredible images illustrate a diverse range of topics from mollusks to magnets.

Going beyond the scope of most general knowledge books, every spread in this eye-boggling book explores an encyclopedic subject as never before. Meet the family in a photo album of our mammal relatives, or peek into a drawer full of prosthetic eyes to discover the science of genetics. An ice sculpture reveals the science behind states of matter. Architectural marvels are displayed on a house of cards and the story of space exploration is told through an astronaut's stamp collection.

The comprehensive contents cover space, art, technology, earth, people, nature, history, science, and the human body in an accessible and highly informative way. With something new to discover on every page, One Million Things, the visual encyclopedia of everything, will consistently entertain and inform, making it the ultimate fun children's reference book.