El Libro de la Bicicleta

El Libro de la Bicicleta

Published by DK

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Book description

From BMX and mountain biking to track and road racing, this comprehensive full-color guide features the latest high-performance bikes and cycling technology, as well as key models from eras gone by.

Bicycle showcases classic and cutting-edge bicycles and traces the evolution of cycling from the nineteenth century to today. Virtual tours showcase important bike designs, like the Bianchi Paris Roubaix, and close-up photographs focus on design elements, components, and construction.

To tell the complete story of cycling, Bicycle profiles famous cyclists, manufacturers, and brands, and includes detailed images, maps, and histories of key races and competitions-from the first recorded race in 1868 to the Cyclo-cross World Championships to the Tour de France, triathlons, Olympic racing, and more.

Desde las primeras bicicletas de hierro, hasta las de pista de fibra de carbono, El libro de la bicicleta registra la fascinante historia del ciclismo con un asombroso detalle visual.

Experimenta la emoción de las carreras de ciclismo más famosas. Conoce a los fabricantes y diseñadores que han impulsado un fenómeno global para el transporte, el ocio y el deporte. Revive momentos decisivos de la historia, en los que la bicicleta ha participado en la configuración del mundo moderno.