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Published by DK Children

RRP: $14.99

About Junior Maker

Arts and crafts experiments to try at home. Learn, play, and craft with this fantastic activity-packed book that will test and expand your creativity.

This kids' arts and crafts book will teach and engage your little creator in 20 interactive activities, crafts, and experiments carefully designed to complement what children are learning at school.

There is so much to do, and even more to learn with Junior Maker. This interactive book encourages hands-on play through carefully designed experiments that complement what children are taught in school. Prepare to get down, messy, and have heaps of fun while learning - perfect for kids aged 6 - 8.

Specific step-by-step instructions and visuals help young readers and makers explore subjects such as space, nature, history, animals, and science. Crafting ideas appear next to excellent illustrations and photographs and fun fact informative text that is easy to read. What looks like inspirational material helps to teach children these important topics and make it exciting for them.

Every fun educational experiment is based around basic household items and inexpensive and easy-to-find art supplies to keep things simple. Little creators can expect to use familiar things like buttons and marshmallows to map our solar system, make a bottle jetpack while learning about gravity, design a rain gauge to measure rainfall, and much more.

Make, Do, Learn And Impress Your Friends With Fun Experiments!

Have fun while learning by embarking on a journey through history, nature, and science! Make a Roman soldier's shield, experiment with a chemical reaction that blows up a balloon, or look at the stars and explore the solar system. This book combines fun and learning together to create a full educational experience. With Junior Maker, any child can improve their understanding of things to help them inside and out of the classroom.

Whether your child is an aspiring scientist, astronaut, or is merely curious about our great big world, Junior Maker will get them thinking, learning, and making.

Through fun and interactive activities, your little creator will learn about:

- Space
- History
- Nature
- Animals
- Science

This science book for kids will teach your child about a given subject through interactive activities, crafts, and experiments. Further your knowledge and add to your experiments at home by advancing to our Makers Lab book series which will keep the crafting party in your lab going with more exciting science experiments and activities.