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Published by DK

By Andrew Halstead

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About Pests and Diseases

Diagnose your fruit, vegetable, or ornamental plant problem visually using more than 350 full-color photos--or find it by plant, pest, or disease type--and get organic recommendations for solving 1,000 different pest, disease, and cultivation issues.

Protect your harvest and keep your yard beautiful by following three easy routes to diagnosing and curing fruit, vegetable, and ornamental plant problems: Look up possible ailments in the plant-by-plant listings; make a visual identification from more than 350 photos in the gallery of symptoms; then follow detailed advice for 1,000 plant problems in the A-Z directory to remedy the issue. This unrivaled practical reference has been updated for this latest edition with more than 25 additional pests and diseases newly prevalent in gardens. A highly visual garden health section explains the essential science behind plant resilience, pest attack, and methods of control, and demonstrates practical ways to promote garden health and deal with problems organically first and minimize the environmental impact of chemical controls.

With a focus on preventive measures and an emphasis on organic solutions--as well as up-to-date information on chemical controls--Pests and Diseases will help keep your garden productive, attractive, and in the best of health.