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Published by DK

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"Although this book is primarily aimed at adults, it is full to brimming with easy to understand diagrams, illustrations and infographics that will spark the imagination of anybody that picks it up, young or old"

Science Focus (BBC Focus Magazine online)

"The graphics really are the standout feature here, helping to illustrate complex ideas in a simple and understandable way."

How It Works

About How Science Works

This visual guide is packed with amazing diagrams and infographics to answer all your burning scientific head-scratchers - from gravity and black holes to earthquakes and gene therapy.

In How Science Works you will find the most fascinating phenomena in the Universe visually explained, from pulleys to string theory, light to lasers, and chemical reactions to artificial intelligence. If you have ever wondered why the sky is blue, how a black hole works, or what happens in a tsunami, this indispensable guide is for you.

Rather than long columns of text, How Science Works is filled with diagrams and infographics, to make even the most difficult concept fun and easy to grasp. Turn the pages to understand dark matter, radioactivity and so much more, and find answers to the really big questions including how life began, will the Universe end, and are we really alone?

With hours of enthralling reading, How Science Works is the book you wished you'd had at school and it's the one you'll want for your family.