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Published by DK Children

By Lynn Huggins-Cooper

RRP: $14.99

About DK Readers L4 Robot Universe

Robot Universe takes the reader on a discovery of fascinating modern-day robots, and gives the reader a look at the past, and future of robotic evolution.

A thrilling introduction to the capabilities of robots and the computers that control them, from space rovers to robots that perform surgery. Meet Pepper, the first robot able to show and understand human emotions, all in one book!

Robot Universe unravels a world populated with advanced robots that help assist human understanding and discovery. Filled with engaging topics, interactive pages and fun facts. Explore the capabilities of robots and the computers that control them. This nonfiction book is perfect for independent young readers aged 9-11.

Robot Universe is part of DK Readers for Level 4 readers. The innovative range combines a highly visual approach with non-fiction narratives that children will love reading. Level 4 reader books are for independent readers, structured by simple sentences with an emphasis on frequently used words and visual prompts.

Learn To Read, Then Read To Learn.

Have you ever wondered if robots can think like humans? Robot Universe is packed with fascinating facts about robots and images kids will love. Explore the science behind artificial intelligence and what their capabilities really are.

This exciting book for kids combines literature and fun. Teach young readers about the advancement of robots in today's age while expanding on how robots can perform human tasks and display human reactions and emotions.

Robot Universe will expand your readers understanding about:
- What is a robot?
- Early robots
- Developments in robotics
- Humanoids
- What is artificial intelligence?
- Robot learning
- Inventing a robot

The DK Readers series is trusted by parents, teachers and librarians, and loved by kids. This updated and revised series engages nonfiction subjects that are clearly explained, described visually and brought to life with true encounters.