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Published by DK Children

By Dustin Growick

RRP: $24.99

About Dinosaur A to Z

A catalog of more than 150 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures-listed in alphabetical order from Abelisaurus to Zizhongosaurus-that includes a giant poster and is perfect for children as young as five.

Written by American Museum of Natural History educator Dustin Growick, Dinosaur A to Z is a colorful parade of the most exciting creatures that have ever lived and provides a line-up of the biggest, smallest, baddest, nicest, scaliest, and everything-in-between dinosaurs that have been discovered to date, as well as other prehistoric creatures of the air, land, and sea. Specially commissioned CGI images of children alongside the dinosaurs illustrate exactly how big-or small-each one was in comparison, and children can learn how to pronounce dinosaur names and discover the meaning behind each, and learn about different dinosaur shapes, sizes, and meals.

Dinosaur A to Z is the perfect first visual dictionary for little dinosaur enthusiasts.

Author Info:

Dustin Growick is the educator at the American Museum of Natural History, New York. He is the author of DK's Utterly Amazing Dinosaur, published in 2016.