Psícología para Mentes Inquietas

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Published by DK Children

By Marcus Weeks

RRP: $15.99

About Psícología para Mentes Inquietas

Relaciones, estudios, trabajo: la vida está llena de grandes cuestiones, y Psicología para mentes inquietas te ayudará con ellas. Este libro, diseñado especialmente para jóvenes, repasa y explica los principales conceptos psicológicos a través de atractivos gráficos e infografías.

Todo está influido por la psicología: desde la música y la política hasta las relaciones familiares. Este libro es la introducción perfecta a la materia: cubre y explora los experimentos más controvertidos, las teorías principales y los pioneros más influyentes en psicología. Si quieres saber por qué la gente hace las cosas que hacen, este libro es para ti.

A perfect introduction for teens to life's big questions about psychology and how everything around us is influenced by it-from prom to politics-that combines clear text with cool graphic illustrations to explain theories and arguments.

Life is full of big questions, and Heads Up Psychology addresses the issues that are most intriguing and relevant to the curious minds of teens. Questions such as "Where do I fit in?," "What is normal?," "Why do people fall in love?," and "Do guys think like girls?" are all addressed, making these difficult topics easier to comprehend. Highlighting everything from controversial experiments, important theories, and influential trailblazers such as Freud and Pavlov, this book has got you covered.

With its visual approach, Heads Up Psychology is designed to provoke, entertain, and stimulate young minds. If you've ever wondered why people do the things they do, this is the book for you.