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Published by DK Children

RRP: $9.99

About Pick Me Up! Dinosaur

A handled board book made to look like a pet carrier with a front cover peep hole that reveals the dinosaur inside, perfect for any preschooler who loves dinosaurs and wonders what it might be like if they came to play.

When they aren't taking their dinosaur for a walk in its carrier, toddlers can learn about five different kinds of baby dinosaurs-the triceratops, the stegosaurus, the diplodocus, the tyrannosaurus rex, and the edmontonia-and their features and characteristics, from the heavy stomps of their feet to their loud roars. Their imaginations will soar as little ones get to realize what it would be like if friendly baby dinosaurs came to play ball, go puddle jumping, and more.

For all young children who love dinosaurs, Pick Me Up! Dinosaur is a "roar-rific" choice.

Series Overview: Perfect for preschoolers ages 2-5 who love animals and long to have a pet of their own, each book within DK's brand-new Pick Me Up! board book series is designed to look like a pet carrier, with a handle and front cover peep hole revealing the animal inside. Ten interior pages introduce the animal and its characteristics with easy-to-follow text and bold images, encouraging pre-reading skills and essential preschool knowledge, while the books' novelty promotes imaginative play.


"[T]hese baby dinosaurs are undeniably charming..." - Kirkus Reviews