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Published by DK

By Tom Ang

RRP: $22.95

About The Complete Photographer

Create the perfect image across 10 key photographic genres with digital photography expert Tom Ang, in this updated and newly repackaged paperback edition.

Tom Ang's The Complete Photographer is your ultimate guide to every style and subject of digital photography, from portraits to wildlife to architecture. Organized by genre and updated to include all the latest technological developments and creative trends, this guide is packed with practical and tailored tutorials, assignments, and advice for each of the 10 categories covered so that you can achieve the results you want - every time.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the detail that goes into the planning, setting up, and shooting beautiful photos, and learn how an idea progresses from concept to final image with interviews of 20 influential photographers.

DK's richly illustrative design and Ang's clear writing and direction blend together in this second edition of The Complete Photographer to dissect the elements of 10 photographic genres and make stunning results achievable.

Author Bio:

Tom Ang is the author of more than 30 books, both in print and digital media. He serves as a juror on international competitions and was Senior Lecturer in Photographic Practices at the University of Westminster, London, for over 12 years. Tom has also worked as a technical editor for specialty photography magazines and has won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award for his photographic coverage of the Marco Polo Expedition. He has presented two TV series on photography for the BBC and an award-winning series for Channel News Asia.


"In Ang's hands, ordinary subjects... become fodder for a whole array of colorful and intimate still lifes, portraits, and captured moments that anyone can emulate with a little practice and honing of technique." - Booklist