Go Figure!

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Published by DK Children

By Johnny Ball

RRP: $9.99

About Go Figure!

Numbers create the structure to our universe. Without numbers, computers would not work and cars would not go. There would be no way to quantify things. You wouldn't be able to ask "How many?" or "How much?" We would not understand time or distance. Sports records wouldn't matter! Go Figure! is a math book filled with the weird and wonderful side of math and numbers.

Discover why there are 60 minutes in an hour, why daisies have to have 34, 55, or 89 petals, and why finding a prime number could make you a millionaire. Go Figure! is also packed with activities that children can try out on their own or with friends, including brainteasers, magic tricks, and things to make, while also learning about the simple puzzles that stumped the world's brainiest mathematicians for centuries. Go Figure! is a fun and quirky look at the magical world of numbers, without the effort of a math textbook.


"A dynamic book filled with puzzles and problems to solve." - School Library Journal

"A totally cool book about numbers by Johnny Ball convinces young readers that math is far from boring." - Think & Discover

"Give it to teachers at many levels, who will want to borrow from Ball's pedagogical toolbox." - Booklist