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Published by DK Children

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About First Earth Encyclopedia

Learn all about planet Earth--the geography of the land and oceans and the geography of its people.

Have you ever wondered how mountains are formed or what causes earthquakes and tsunamis? What makes an area of land a country, what's the most populated region of the world, and who speaks what language where? First Earth Encyclopedia answers these questions and much more! This human and physical geography encyclopedia for kids is the perfect introduction to planet Earth. Part of the First Reference series, this engaging book covers human geography, physical geography, geology, and ecology. Topics include where and how people live, how to use maps, the weather, world environments, and changes in the environment. Physical geography and geology explain how the Earth was formed and shaped. Human geography helps children gain a sense of place, and understand how the world works and where they fit into it. An added section on maps and mapping gives a complete look at how we look at the Earth.