Grains as Mains

eBook cover of Grains as Mains

Published by DK

By Jodi Moreno, Sarah W. Caron

RRP: $10.99

About Grains as Mains

Cooking with grains is a flourishing global trend. Ancient grains, such as bulgur wheat, spelt, wheat berries, and teff, are popular for the texture and flavor they bring to dishes, as well as their health benefits. This visually stylish and comprehensive cookbook satisfies today's worldwide appetite for tasty, versatile, and healthy grains, with more than 150 fresh and exciting recipes.

Grains as Mains is not a vegetarian cookbook, but the majority of the recipes are meat-free, with suggestions for "choosing your own protein" accompaniments. It features a wide range of recipes, many of which are gluten-free. Where relevant, graphic devices show how to swap your grains for easy recipe variations. With warm and evocative photography and step-by-step techniques, this book takes a fresh approach to cooking with century-old grains.

The book is for the adventurous cooks eager to experiment with unusual and exciting ingredients, and health-conscious cooking enthusiasts who are looking for delicious new styles of recipes. Featured grains include cornmeal (polenta), bulgur wheat, quinoa, millet, barley, spelt, wheat berries, amaranth, farro, buckwheat, khorasan wheat (kamut), teff, sorghum, and freekeh.