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Published by DK

By Adam Hart-Davis

RRP: $50.00

About History

History tells the story of mankind from prehistory to the present day using a unique visual approach, filled with timelines, images of artifacts, photography, graphics, and more. Now in its third edition, this much-loved classic has been revised and updated to bring today's current events into wider context and includes all new material on the global recession, green technologies, and the Internet and social media.

This fully revised and updated third edition of History includes:

+ Inventions, discoveries, and ideas that have shaped world history.
+ A look at human achievement through artifacts, painting, sculpture, and architecture
+ An examination of humankind in context as part of the natural world.
+ Eyewitness accounts and biographies of key figures.
+ A comprehensive timeline chronicling the key events of the countries of the world.
+ Key contemporary issues, political developments, changes in leadership, and more.

Homo sapiens have remained the same species, largely unchanged in genetic makeup and anatomy since the Cro-Magnon era. By contrast, the cultural, social, and technological changes since then have been nothing less than extraordinary. History is a thought-provoking journey, revealing the common threads and forces that have shaped human history.

Revised and updated third edition.