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About Military History

The world's weaponry is showcased inside this spectacular visual guide.

From the spears and swords of ancient times to the guns and grenades of modern warfare, 5,000 years of weaponry are explored and explained in unprecedented detail.

Military History profiles key arms and armaments and conveys technologies and tactics across hundreds of pages of dramatic photography and accessible text. Find out how war is waged between battleships at sea, tanks on the battlefield, and fighter planes in the skies. Climb siege towers, drive chariots, enter medieval fortresses, fly unmanned drones, and detect stealth bombers.

You will also experience virtual tours of iconic vehicles, including the T-34 Tank, the Lockheed F-117 Stealth Bomber, and the AH-64 Apache helicopter. And discover the leaders, battles, and weapons of war that have changed the course of history, and understand the lasting impact of global conflicts.

This complete history of weaponry is essential reading for military enthusiasts of all ages.