DK Eyewitness Books: Shakespeare

DK Eyewitness Books: Shakespeare

Published by DK Children

RRP: $19.99

Book description

Content revised and updated

DK's formidable Eyewitness series receives a fabulous makeover, with an exciting new look and full updates.

The covers for these lively educational books have a refreshed, eye-catching look as well, with each featuring a striking, full-bleed image. The books will now be published in paperback as well as hardback.

· All with 72 pages, contain text revised so it's more in line with the targeted age group.
· These nonfiction books for kids include colorful reference sections, such as infographics, facts and records, timelines or halls of fame, along with a glossary.
· The reduced quantity of text makes the pages more appealing to a younger audience, widening the market for the perennially popular Eyewitness titles.
· The information is fully updated.
· Full-color photos draw in the reader and help explain the subject matter.
· Superb color photography and design introduce children to a subject in easy-to-understand terms.

Common Core logo on back jacket.