The American Cookbook: A Fresh Take on Classic Recipes

The American Cookbook: A Fresh Take on Classic Recipes

Published by DK

By Elena Rosemond-Hoerr, Caroline Bretherton

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Book description

The American Cookbook is a fresh, foodie approach to classic recipes from across America - think comfort food with a sophisticated twist. The traditional apple pie morphs into Peanut Butter and Green Apple pie; Classic truck-stop burger and fries becomes Chargrilled Burger on Hot Sourdough with Sweet Potato Fries. This book shows how to cook American comfort food to a high standard, exploring the Latin, Italian, Asian, and African influences on classic American food.

Key features:
-Features over 150 classic American recipes, with a contemporary gourmet twist.
-Fresh, gourmet cooking made simple, with step-by-step sequences for key techniques such as sauces and marinades.
-Draws recipes together to create one-stop gourmet menus or feasts.
-Provides inspiration to try new ingredients in traditional recipes.

Snacketizers and Sandwiches
Wraps and Rolls
On the Grill
Meat Feasts
Fresh Fish and Shellfish
Super-Fried and Crispy
Big Salads
Breads and Sides
Sweet Pies
Index and Acknowledgments