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About The Planets

Discover places where a day is longer than a year, where hailstones are made of diamonds, and where a mountain looms twice the size of Everest.
These and more are all to be found in The Planets.

The Sun’s gravity holds in thrall eight planets, each with an entourage of moons, as well as dwarf planets, asteroids, and comets. The Planets takes you on a dazzling visual tour. From the Solar System’s fiery heart, travel to rocky worlds such as tiny Mercury scorched by the Sun. Then witness Venus swathed in a sulfurous haze, and go to the outer reaches to visit planets such as gas giant Jupiter, which is 120 times the size of Earth.

Using 3-D models and photography from NASA and the European Space Agency, The Planets describes each one, as well as the extraordinary endeavors of space exploration. 

Edited by space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock, this book is enthralling reading for everyone interested in astronomy and space exploration.