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Published by DK

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About Train

This glorious visual celebration of train travel keeps you on the right track with stop-offs at the most important and incredible rail routes from all over the world.

Your first stop in The Train Book is the groundbreaking steam locomotives of the 19th century and your final destination is the high-speed bullet trains of today. From the Union-Pacific Railroad to the Trans-Siberian Railway, you'll cross the continents to experience epic journeys and staggering scenery. You'll pick a seat on the most iconic locomotives, including the Orient Express, the Blue Train, and the Eurostar.

You can also inspect the engines of famous British trains, such as Rocket, Mallard, and Javelin, and international trains, such as India's Palace on Wheels and America's Thatcher Perkins. You'll meet the true pioneers of train and track, including "Father of the Railways" George Stephenson, engineering legend Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and Métro maestro Fulgence Bienvenüe.

For train-spotters and transport enthusiasts everywhere, this is your trip of a lifetime.