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Published by DK Children

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"Muppets Character Encyclopedia is great for either reading cover-to-cover, or picking up and flipping around to random pages to soak in all the Muppetiness."


"[This book] is a great jumping off point to start your Muppet obsession."

The Muppet

"[T]his official guide-not meant just for kids!-offers info on all the fringe Muppets. "

Entertainment Weekly

"In true Muppets fashion, the book is packed with humor and the author, Craig Shemin from the Jim Henson Legacy, tucks in tons of trivia and fun facts, sure to tickle even the furriest of funny bones. Wocka Wocka!"’s blog, Geekdad

About Muppets Character Encyclopedia

Did you know that Miss Piggy was raised on a farm and has two nephews named Randy and Andy? Or that Gonzo's girlfriend, Camilla the Chicken, can be simply identified by the color of her eyes - they're blue!

From Kermit the Frog, to Animal and Fozzie Bear, the gang's all here in The Muppets Character Encyclopedia, the perfect introduction to the Muppets. Each page of this fun and friendly guide features a different Muppet profile packed with tons of interesting facts about these beloved characters. With full bios of the characters from the new 2014 movie, The Muppets Character Encyclopedia is essential for any Muppet fan.