DK Workbooks: Science, Third Grade

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About DK Workbooks: Science, Third Grade

Support your child's expanding science skills. Among this level's learning targets are understanding force, identifying the movements of the Sun and planets, recognizing minerals, and learning about the development of plants and animals.

Why is it special?
*Fact box clearly tells the child what he or she will will be practicing on each page; examples are also included, if appropriate.
*Steps within a topic or concept are carried over pages so that children are given plenty of practice to build confidence before moving on to the next step.
*Includes exercises, activities, and experiments in the main areas of science-forces and motion, properties and change in materials, Earth science, life science, and growth of living organisms
and ecosystems.

Other key features:
* "Parents' notes" explain what children need to know at each age, what's being covered in the curriculum, and teaching methods so parents can support their children.
* Developed in consultation with leading educational experts to support curriculum learning.

Sharpens science skills with extra practice. Children will become familiar with and understand speed, force, mass and volume, energy, the solar system, land and sea features, anatomy, and plant reproduction.

Changing speeds due to push force 4
Changing speeds due to roughness of texture 5
Compare relative speeds 6
Effect of Earth's gravity: falling objects 7
Effect of Earth's gravity on satellites 8
Effect of gravitational pull on the Earth and Moon 9
Air properties 10
Results and observations 11
Solid properties 12
Liquid properties 13
Gas properties 14
Compare solid, liquid, and gas 15
Heating ice cream 16
Results and observations 17
Heating an egg 18
Results and observations 19
Transfer energy when rubbing objects together 20
Results and observations 21
Transfer energy from warm to cool object 22
Results and observations 23
Parts of the solar system 24
Planets in the solar system 25
Patterns of the solar system 26
Moons of the solar system 27
Shadow experiment 28
Results and observations 29
Saltwater and freshwater 30
Compare sea features 31
Volcanoes 32
Mountains and valleys 33
Caves 34
Islands 35
Comparing Earth's land features using maps 36
Comparing Earth's land features using diagrams 37
Skeleton 38
Muscles 39
Skin 40
Healthy bodies 41
Plant structures 42
Life cycle of seed plants 43
Flowers: pollinators 44
Flowers: reproduction 45
Properties of soil 46
Results and observations 47
Certificate 48
Answer pages and parents' notes 49-60