10 Minutes a Day: Spelling, Second Grade

Paperback cover of 10 Minutes a Day: Spelling, Second Grade

Published by DK Children

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About 10 Minutes a Day: Spelling, Second Grade

Help your child develop spelling skills at home. 10 Minutes a Day Spelling: Ages 5-7 supports early-years learning. Subjects covered include doubling letters, homophones, and compound words.

Why is it special?
* 10-minute LCD timer tracks time taken and progress made, as children work through each spread, and can be used as a stopwatch for extension activities.
* Each spread combines quick-answer questions with more challenging ones and takes a maximum of ten minutes to complete.
* Intensive "Beat the clock" exercises develop quick mental agility and can be repeated, allowing children to try to beat their personal best.

Other key features:
* "Parents' notes" section provides the answers and explains the common pitfalls, giving guidance on how to avoid them.
* Provides the perfect reinforcement aid for help in school subjects at home.

Orange = long vowel sounds
Green = other vowel sounds
Red = letter blends
Yellow = grammar concepts
Blue = Useful words lists
The long "a" sound (orange) 4-5
The "ar" and "air"sounds (green) 6-7
Doubling letters (red) 8-9
Compound words (yellow) 10-11
The long "e" sound (orange) 12-13
The "ear" and "ea" sounds (green) 14-15
Letter blends (red) 16-17
Past tense (yellow) 18-19
Useful words list 1 (blue) 20-21
More blends (red) 22-23
The "er" sound (green) 24-25
Blends and ends (red) 26-27
Comparing adjectives (yellow) 28-29
The long "i" sound (orange) 30-31
Initial blends (red) 32-33
Contractions (yellow) 34-35
The long "o" sound (orange) 36-37
The "oy" and "ow" sounds (green) 38-39
More initial blends (red) 40-41
Plurals (yellow) 42-43
Useful words list 2 (blue) 44-45
The "or" sound (green) 46-47
"S" blends (red) 48-49
The long "oo" sound (orange) 50-51
The short "oo" sound (green) 52-53
Silent letters (red) 54-55
Prefixes and suffixes (yellow) 56-57
The letter y (green) 58-59
Endings "j" and "l" (red) 60-61
Homophones (yellow) 62-63
Useful words list 3 (blue) 64-65
Parents' notes and answers 66-80