Ultimate Factivity Collection: Dinosaurs

Ultimate Factivity Collection: Dinosaurs

Published by DK Children

RRP: $12.99

Book description

Dig up a copy of Dinosaurs, and immerse yourself in the wild world of prehistoric creatures. Tackle activities on the terrible T. rex, the stout stegosaurus, the giant brachiosaurus, and more.

Why is it special?
* Each book is packed with a fun activities, including stickers, games, coloring, doodles, puzzles, crafts, and more
* Accompanying the activities on each spread are amazing facts and other educational information that encourages learning
* The books target key physical, social, and intellectual milestones in children's development

Other key features:
* Activities can be done right on the page so there is no need for any extra workbooks
* More than 500 high-quality, attractive stickers for use with the book, and extras for decoration and fun

Prelims 7pp
Introduction 2pp
The Triassic
The Jurassic
The Cretaceous
Fossil hunt
Pack attack
Dinosaur diets
What is a dinosaur?
Little and large
Dinosaur habitats
Terrible T. rex
Walking weapons
Monsters of the sky
The prehistoric world
Lurking in the depths
Origami dinosaur
Predator or prey?
Record breakers
Where did they go?
On the hunt
Scary masks
Which dinosaur are you?
Finding a friend
Find the fossils!
Crests and plumes
The missing link
Eggstraordinary eggs
A-Maze-ing adventures
Stickers 16pp
Glossary 2pp
Acknowledgements 1pp