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Published by DK Children

RRP: $10.99

About Eye Wonder: Ancient Rome

Eye Wonder: Ancient Rome takes readers on a trip back in time, where they will become absorbed in Roman life. Follow legionaries into battle as they conquer Europe, learn about Roman colonies from England to Africa, and learn how Ancient Roman culture is incorporated in modern life through democracy, architecture, philosophy, and more.

A precursor to DK's award-winning Eyewitness series, Eye Wonder was specially developed for children aged five plus, featuring astonishing photography exhibiting subjects within their natural setting, offering a whole new level of information through powerful images. The vocabulary is accessible to young readers, with the meanings of new, subject-related words clearly explained.

Reissued with a new jacket and eight new pages of mazes, look-and-finds, quizzes, and interactive activities, the new generation of Eye Wonder will capture readers' imaginations and give them a reason to delve even deeper into each book.