Get Started: Yoga

eBook cover of Get Started: Yoga

Published by DK

By Nita Patel

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About Get Started: Yoga

Begin to balance your body and mind with Get Started Yoga: The Basics, part of a new series from DK. This easy-to-follow, structured learning guide allows you to start simple and learn the basics of yoga, build on what you've learned, and then take your yoga poses to another level.

Get Started Yoga: The Basics introduces you to core yoga principles and poses by starting with the basics of breathing and relaxation, then guiding you into standard poses, such as "sun salutation" and "child's pose." Learn about proper equipment, key breathing techniques, and where and when to practice before moving on to visual step-by-step posing guides.

Clear, dynamic photography takes you through the fundamentals of mastering yoga poses and keeps you on track. Learn the benefits and science of yoga, and read helpful tips on making certain poses easier. Helpful troubleshooting advice and expert tips will guide beginners through tough poses and put you on the path to yoga expertise.

Perfect for beginners, the detailed guides in Get Started Yoga: The Basics will have you ready to master poses in no time!