Get Started: Sewing

eBook cover of Get Started: Sewing

Published by DK

By Hilary Mandleberg

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About Get Started: Sewing

Sewing success is finally within reach with Get Started Sewing: The Basics, part of a new series from DK. This easy-to-follow, structured learning guide allows you to start simple and learn the basics of sewing, build on what you've learned, and then show off your new skills!

Get Started Sewing: The Basics introduces you to the fundamentals of sewing and everything you need to know before beginning projects, such as what a basic sewing kit includes and the ins and outs of sewing machines. Learn key techniques like using patterns, threading needles, and embroidery stitching, then move on to creating simple projects, like pin cushions and felt flowers. As your skills advance, you can use your new knowledge to sew new projects and create more complicated stitches on your sewing machine.

Clear, dynamic photography takes you step-by-step through selected sewing projects and shows realistic images to compare with your own results. Get Started Sewing: The Basics also includes helpful troubleshooting advice, expert tips, and suggestions for further projects.

Perfect for beginners, Get Started Sewing: The Basics will have you sewing with confidence in no time!