Cooking Season by Season - Winter

Cooking Season by Season - Winter

Published by DK

RRP: $5.99

Book description

Cooking Season by Season: Winter has more than 120 delicious recipes and variations to keep you warm through the chilly wintry months.

Divided into Early Winter and Late Winter sections, this eBook showcases recipes for starters and light bites, main dishes, sides and sauces, and desserts to ensure you are never short of ideas, even when fresh produce is scarce. From spiced butternut squash soup to chocolate mousse with cinnamon pears, these delectable recipes will keep out the cold using seasonal ingredients.

At-a-glance icons showing preparation and cook times and lists of in-season foods take the guesswork out of cooking for all occasions, from preparing a simple weeknight dinner to a lavish holiday meal.

Whether you're making a hearty soup or a feast for a seasonal celebration, Cooking Season by Season: Winter will help you bring warmth back into the winter months.