eBook cover of Dressmaking

Published by DK

By Alison Smith

RRP: $19.99

About Dressmaking

An invaluable resource, Dressmaking will guide you through all the stages of making, altering, and customizing clothes. Starting with the Tools and Materials, you will learn what you need to buy and how to use it. The Fabrics chapter demonstrates the drape and weave of fabrics and explains the best uses of each.

The Patterns chapter covers everything from understanding a pattern to altering one. In General Techniques, close-up photography and guiding annotation to explain key techniques step by step. A section on Basic Patterns and Variations then guides you through creating six garments. Patterns and detailed step-by-step instructions are provided for a skirt, dress, shirt, tee, jacket, and pair of trousers. Instructions are also given for possible variations of each garment. Finally, chapters on Alterations and repairs and Customizing offer practical tips for repairing worn items and inspiration for modernizing tired pieces. Packed with essential advice and inspiration, this is the dressmaking bible that no budding seamstress should be without.