10 Minutes a Day: Math, Second Grade

Paperback cover of 10 Minutes a Day: Math, Second Grade

Published by DK Children

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About 10 Minutes a Day: Math, Second Grade

Young learners learn best when activities last five to ten minutes, before they drift off-task. The 10 Minutes a Day series takes this research to heart, providing quick math exercises for children - perfect for those time-to-fill moments at home, and based on one of the best and most effective learning strategies: little and often. Each book includes a ten-minute timer, beat the clock exercises, and easily photocopied pages, as well as tips, guidance, and answers for parents.
In order to align with the Common Core State Standards, in 10 Minutes a Day: Math Second Grade children can build fluency with addition and subtraction, solve word problems involving simple multiplication and subtraction, describe and analyze shapes, work with time and money, interpret data on picture and bar graphs and more to build math skills.