How to...Horseback Riding

eBook cover of How to...Horseback Riding

Published by DK Children

By Caroline Stamps

RRP: $7.99

About How to...Horseback Riding

All new material and text.

How to...Horseback Riding is the next exciting installment in the popular How to... series!

This enthralling guide to every facet of horseback riding is packed with information to increase your equestrian knowledge. Filled with tips, pointers, and practical advice, this book will help improve your riding technique.

Accessible and easy to follow, it is full of engaging graphics and newly commissioned step-by-step photographs. The book features information on all areas of riding, from getting ready to ride and proper attire to show competitions, including dressage, cross country jumping, and western riding. Written in consultation with an expert equestrian consultant with extensive experience of teaching young children to ride, How to...Horseback Riding is a great companion to riding lessons.