Code Switching

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Published by Alpha

By Audrey Nelson, Ph.D., Claire Damken Brown, Ph.D.

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About Code Switching

Mars and Venus head to work...

Day-to-day, face-to-face workplace communication between men and women is often dysfunctional because each gender employs different speech patterns. When careers and paychecks are on the line, clear communication is crucial - from the mailroom to the boardroom. Code Switching explains what to say, how to say it, how to be taken seriously, and how to act while speaking with the opposite sex for maximum effectiveness in the workplace. Included are:

?How men and women manage conversation, and the value of 'chitchat' prior to a meeting.

?How men use language to impart information and women use language to build or indicate relationship.

?How men use e-mail to emphasize control while women use it to share and build rapport.

?How women can use language to build their credibility.

?How humor is used as a power play, to build territory, or to exclude others.

?How gender talk creates and shapes work relationships.