Handbooks: Birds of North America: East

Flexibound cover of Handbooks: Birds of North America: East

Published by DK

By Fred J. Alsop, III

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About Handbooks: Birds of North America: East

The most comprehensive identification guide to the birds of North America, Eastern Region.

Discover 706 species of birds known to breed east of the 100th meridian in the United States and Canada with this indispensable reference guide to birdwatching! 

Published in association with America’s preeminent authority, the Smithsonian Institution, this birdwatching book includes:

   • Full-page profiles that combine precise descriptions, annotated photographs and artworks to highlight the key field marks of the species in each plumage
   • Similar species are shown and distinguishing characteristics are noted
   • Further information on the bird’s habits describes the typical song and other vocalizations, behavior, breeding, nesting, population and conservation concerns.
   • Typical flight patterns, nest locations, and shapes are described with clear icons and amplified in the text. Each bird’s range during summer, winter and migration is clearly shown on a map.

From the Eastern Bluebirds and American Kestrel to the Blue Jay and Carolina Wren, this bird identification book reveals each species’ characteristics and behavior in unprecedented detail. It also details each bird’s life history in a concise and user-friendly format.

The most commonly seen birds are shown in clear, full-color photographs along with images of similar bird species to make differentiation easy. You’ll also learn more about rare birds and vagrants that occasionally stray into this region.

Handbooks: Birds of North America - Eastern Region is the perfect bird field guide for both armchair bird enthusiasts and dedicated bird watchers in the United States and Canada.