Complete Italian Pack

Paperback cover of Complete Italian Pack

Published by DK

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About Complete Italian Pack

Pack Contents: Italian Visual Phrase Book and CD, Italian 15-Minute Language Course and two course CDs, and all-new language tool kit. All contents will be in new cohesive livery.

These compact new language packs are the perfect starter kits for anyone who needs to learn a language fast. Made up of the bestselling 15-Minute Language Course and Visual Phrase Book titles, along with three accompanying audio CDs and an all-new language tool kit, they introduce whole sentences from day one and will get beginners talking with confidence in just twelve weeks. All contents will be in new cohesive livery.

Combining the solid grounding of a practical language teaching course with the instant accessibility of a phrasebook, each Complete Language Pack is structured around simple conversations used in everyday situations. The courses cover all the basic vocabulary and grammar you need to know in sixty 15-minute daily units. Pronunciation guides and the audio CDs make speaking easy, and "cover and test" flaps and flashcards reinforce learning and make testing yourself fun.

Learning a language doesn't need to be hard! These colorful new packs teach you basic conversation in bite-size learning units, with plenty of opportunities for practice and reinforcement, and the phrase book provides instant back-up when you are out and about. After just three months, you will enjoy being able to get by in your new language with confidence.