Earth Matters

eBook cover of Earth Matters

Published by DK Children

Contributions by David de Rothschild

RRP: $9.99

About Earth Matters

With a biome-by-biome structure that mirrors Mother Nature's own design, Our Earth Matters is a celebration of our fragile Earth, a warning to protect it, and an inspiring source book full of ideas for making a positive change.

The book begins with a brief history of our planet's birth and development, revealing how an astonishingly unlikely series of accidents made Earth the only planet in the universe known to be suitable for life. As life flourished and spread, it changed the planet and created the "biosphere." Scientists divide the biosphere into global ecosystems, or "biomes," such as Desert, Ocean, Tropical Forest, and Grassland.

Earth's delicate ecology is the unifying theme. Each section explores theunique ecological structure of a biome and reveals how human interference can upset the balance and damage the life-support systems upon which our existence depends Reference pages make up the first part of each section, with maps showing the extent of the biome, and spreads on climate, natural history, and ecology explaining how the biome works. Subsequent spreads explore the threats arising from human activity and show how positive efforts can often overcome the threats and preserve the biome. Throughout the book, spectacular and intimate photography showcases the living world's endless diversity and beauty, providing a compelling visual argument to support the book's core message.