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Published by DK

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About Evolution

How did we get here? Where did we come from? Trace your biological origins and come face to face with your ancient ancestors through this unrivaled illustrated guide to human evolution.

Traveling back in time almost eight million years, Evolution charts the development of our species, Homo sapiens, from tree-dwelling primates to modern humans. The book investigates each of our ancestors in detail and in context, from the anatomy of their bones to the environment they lived in. Double-page features on key fossil finds as well as maps depicting movement and migration offer comprehensive insight.

The book has been fully updated to include the latest discoveries and research - including the newly discovered species Homo naledi - and presents the latest thinking on some of the most captivating questions in science, such as whether modern humans and Neanderthals interacted with each other.

Edited by celebrated anthropologist Dr. Alice Roberts and illustrated by renowned Dutch paleoartists the Kennis brothers, Evolution presents the story of our species with eye-popping visuals, unique richness, and authority.