The Needlecraft Book

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Published by DK

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About The Needlecraft Book

Conspicuous consumption has had its day: the mantra now is "make do and mend". From knitting to needlepoint, quilting to crochet, embroidery to appliqué - traditional crafts are thriving. Hugely satisfying and easy on the pocket and the environment, these are not just recession-proof pastimes. Imagine producing beautiful clothes, throws and covers, quilts, canvases and cushions to adorn your family and your home. With this book you can. The tools, techniques and terminology required to create truly personal pieces are all clearly explained, and the "complicated" art of needlecraft is revealed to be easier than readers might have thought. Packed with easy to follow techniques, the book brings these traditional artistic and practical crafts right up to date with advice on contemporary styles and new materials, bringing these immensely satisfying skills to a whole new generation.