My Art Book

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Published by DK Children

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About My Art Book

My Art Book is a superb introduction for young children to the history and techniques of art. It is a beautiful and inspiring art book that will be loved by children, and their parents! Full of project ideas to fire the imaginations of children, including mosaics inspired by Diego Rivera, figure sculptures inspired by Henry Moore, and aboriginal dreamtime art.

Each art project idea is introduced with spreads about a particular masterpiece or artistic style of famous artists and sculptors throughout history. These Artist and Art-style spreads inform the reader about the artists' inspirations, and zooms up close to look at the details in the work or explains the story or subject matter the artists' have chosen.

My Art Book spreads cover a range of artistic styles, skills, and subjects such as impressionist scenes, watercolor landscapes, and pastel portraits. Children can experiment with art materials from making their own colors just like those used for cave art to creating a large land art sculpture from natural materials. Other projects explore the ideas of abstract art, such as drawing music like Kandinsky or conveying emotion through color like Klee. The step-by-step photography and clear instructions guides the children through the process for producing results that they can display with pride.

More art projects spreads begin with the words "Just imagine..." and are packed with more ideas to encourage young artists to experiment, take a different approach for a particular technique or subject, and expand their creative minds. My Art Book is fun, educational, and bubbling over with creativity.

Getting started
Getting materials and equipment
Cave colors
Art style: Cave painting
My art project: Making earth colors
Just imagine...
Dreamtime dots
Artist: Aboriginal dot painting, symbolism of creatures and landmarks
My art project: Dot painting onto a large pebble
Fresco fantastic
Artist: Egyptian tomb painting
My art project: Make a fresco showing people at work
Just imagine...
Spirit art
Artist: Kenojuak Ashevak, North American spirit pictures
My art project: Make a spirit picture using plastic packaging African masks
Art style: African masks
My art project: Make a mask
Just imagine...
Cuts and snips
Art style: Polish paper cuts
My art project: Symmetrical bird paper cuts
Just imagine...
Dragons and heroes
Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi
My art project: Japanese block printing of a dragon
Fruit faces
Artist: Guiseppe Arcimboldo
My art project: Photograph of face made from fruit
Just imagine...
Watercolor wonder
Artist: JMW Turner
My art project: Wet-on-wet watercolor landscapes
Just imagine...
Capture a moment
Art style: Impressionism - combine colors
My art project: Use chalk pastels to draw a portrait.
Just imagine...
Jungle fever
Artist: Henri Rousseau
My art project: Jungle collage made from leaves
My art project: Draw a piece of music
Lines and shapes
Artist: Paul Klee
My art project: Town scene made from shapes
Just imagine...
Dreams and nightmares
Art style: Surrealism
My art project: Draw a dream
Color code
Artist: Franz Marc
My art project: Color a picture using color code for
Mosaic magic
Artist: Diego Rivera
My art project: Make a mosaic
Just imagine...
Swishes and swirls
Artist: Eric Carle
My art project: Collage from textured paper
Just imagine...
Lumps and bumps
Artist: Henry Moore
My art project: Sculpt a figure
Land art
Artist: Andy Goldsworthy
My art project: Make a natural sculpture
Just imagine...
That's junk!
Art style: Recycled art
My art project: Recycled sculpture
Just imagine...
On display
Hanging and displaying art
Glossary, Index, and acknowledgments