eBook cover of Space

Published by DK

By Carole Stott

RRP: $25.99

About Space

Although a mere speck in the vast cosmos, humans have managed to piece together an incredible understanding of the Universe. Discover its magic and unravel its mysteries with this book.

Starting from a launchpad on Earth, set off on an enthralling journey to the Solar System, the Milky Way, and finally to the very edges of the known Universe.

Space: From Earth to the Edge of the Universe features fascinating facts, an engaging narrative, and rich photographs that help you comprehend the vastness of this world that we exist in. The book has been divided into seven chapters covering intriguing concepts such as spacewalking, getting close to the Sun, and the Planetary Nebulae. Detailed illustrations and explanatory artworks give you a deep insight into the limits of galaxies, what lies in our neighboring worlds, the rings and moons of other planets, and much more.

Discover the technology and spacecrafts behind the extraordinary journeys undertaken by astronauts, study the planets, asteroids, and galaxies and immerse yourself in the important space discoveries of our time.

Featuring the latest spectacular images from NASA and other sources, Space will take you on the expedition of a lifetime.