Ultimate Erotic Massage

eBook cover of Ultimate Erotic Massage

Published by DK

By Kavida Rei

RRP: $13.99

About Ultimate Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage is a sensual journey across your partner's body - and your own. Set the scene for the most erotic lovemaking experience as you learn the hottest techniques to arouse, awaken, and ignite the senses. This book is the ultimate source for fueling erotic fantasy and experiencing intense sensual pleasure. The opening chapter teaches the basic principles and techniques of massage and touch, showing you how to explore your partner's body, identify peak areas of arousal, and set aside time and space for regular healing massage. You will also learn about props and toys that can electrify your massage experience, and the best love games to get you both in the mood. Core chapters show you step by step how to stimulate your partner. You will learn which techniques to use where and how to identify the most pleasurable patterns and types of touch. Follow one of the complete massage programs interspersed throughout the book for suggestions on which steps to follow, or choose individual techniques to tailor your massage specifically for your partner. You will also learn how to bring fantasy and role play into your massage rituals, teaching you to increase, extend, and maximize arousal. A self-massage section tells how you can become re-acquainted with your own body, and gives ideas for spending regular time in self-pleasuring. The final chapter shows how to use massage for healing purposes and for different life stages.