DK Eyewitness Books: Light

eBook cover of DK Eyewitness Books: Light

Published by DK Children

By David Burnie

RRP: $9.99

About DK Eyewitness Books: Light

Here is a spectacular, thought-provoking, and highly informative guide to the fascinating story of light. Superb full-color photographyof original equipment, intricate scientific instruments, revealing experiments,and offering a unique "eyewitness" view inside the incredible discoveries that have transformed our world. See, how light rays bend, why things glow when they are very hot, what creates a color television picture, how microscopesand telescopes were invented, and why a leaf looks green. Learn how fiber optics can transmit light, what happens during an eclipse, why images are reversed in mirrors, how a liquid crystal display works, and what makes a hologram. Discover what causes the eerie "Will o'' the wisp," what creates a mirage, why we burnin strong sunlight, why we see rainbows, what a quantum is, how X-rays penetrate our bodies, and much, much more!

Discover the amazing world of light from ancient myths to the optic discoveries that have revolutionized modern life.