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Published by DK

RRP: $50.00

"Natural History delivers a fascinating photographic survey of everything from minerals to mammals."

Martha Stewart Living Magazine

"648 pages of breathtaking nature photos and facts."

Scholastic Parent & Child

"<p>Lead title in "Best Gift Books" holiday round up.<br>"And no book in 2010 was more beautiful than 'Natural History.' Another of DK Publishing's exquisitely realized reference guides, this one--produced in collaboration with the Smithsonian--is the perfect antidote for a world so enraptured by its smart phones that it has stopped seeing the wonders outside its door...You'll see the world anew, and be appropriately awed."</p>"

"This book...will captivate everyone from little kids to multitasking adults...[and] makes a great argument for why reference books still have a place in print."

Bloomberg News

"The reference book isn't defunct, and this fabulous primer proves it. With charming, almost old-fashioned detail, the pages peppered with exceptional photos, the Smithsonian delineates Earth's species and specimens: fossils, figs, flying foxes and beyond."

Entertainment Weekly

"A beautiful tome [that inspires] wonder and delight...<i>Natural History </i>is kind of like having the Smithsonian Natural History Museum on your bookshelf...stunning."

"Magnificent and intriguing photographs and illustrations put [this title] on par with works of art and not just coffee-table art. [G]orgeous, fun, and so inexpensive it seems the publishers are prepared to lose money on each copy. Each page brings together illustration and develops information much better than a computer screen...Everyone with eyesight, from children through scholars, will find something to enjoy. Buy with your allowance if you have to."

Library Journal -- Starred Review

"A dazzling visual introduction to natural history...The stunning color photographs (totaling more than 5,000) and the volume's encyclopedic approach make it a welcome addition."

School Library Journal - STARRED review

"Extensive scope and exceptional photographs distinguish this ambitious work. Succinct commentary, notable for its clarity and authority, deftly burnishes the visuals. Highly recommended for high-school and public libraries."

Booklist - Starred Review

"An introductory visual guide to the natural world, this volume's strength rests with original and compelling photographs and illustrations."

Booklist - 2010 Editors' Choice List

"<p>This entire book is an explorer's delight, the type of book that can captivate a kid for life.<br>Picked up in:<br>Newsday (11/10/10; circ.: 335,000)</p>"

Chicago Tribune (distributed worldwide via McClatchy-Tribune)

"[A]n unrivaled visual survey of Earth's natural history, looking at every kingdom of life."


"An unrivaled visual survey of Earth's natural history. ... A must-have reference title for every library shelf."

Midwest Book Review

"Jammed with eye-popping photographs and in-depth two-page spreads on species of particular interest, this bold visual encyclopedia squeezes as many plants, animals, rocks and minerals as could fit between its commodious covers."

Longitude Magazine

"Everyone with an interest in the natural world must own this book...[it] will entertain and educate for years to come."

Louisville Courier-Journal

About Natural History

A spectacular and exceptionally well-illustrated guide to everything on Earth. From rocks to redwoods and microbes to mammals – this is a dazzling visual introduction to our planet’s treasures.

Filled with more than 5,000 species and in-depth studies of animals, plants, fungi, microorganisms, rocks, and minerals, it’s the ultimate celebration of the world’s extraordinary diversity of life.

Planet Earth's eclectic wildlife and endless wonders come to life in the most spectacular way in this monumental compendium of Earth’s natural wonders. Compiled by a team of professional wildlife experts working with the world-renowned Smithsonian Institution, this comprehensive nature book was 5 years in the making!

This unrivaled visual survey of Earth's natural history looks at every kingdom of life. It is packed with thousands of eye-popping, specially commissioned photographs and in-depth two-page spreads on incredible species. The engaging and informative text was supplied by a global team of natural history experts to make this bold visual encyclopedia a perfect addition to every family bookshelf or school library.

From the evolution of nature to the classification of species, Natural History begins with a general introduction to life on earth. The next chapters form an extensive and accessible catalog of species and specimens – from flowering plants to reptiles – interspersed with fact-filled introductions to each group and in-depth profile features. 
A True Visual Dictionary of Earth's Natural Wonders

Natural History squeezes as many plants, animals, rocks, and minerals as possible between its covers. This extraordinary reference book from DK Books is eye candy for nature lovers of all ages, and makes a fantastic gift!

Explore everything on Earth, such as:

   • Living earth
   • Minerals, rocks, and fossils
   • Microscopic life
   • Plants
   • Fungi
   • Animals