The Cook's Herb Garden

Hardback cover of The Cook's Herb Garden

Published by DK

RRP: $18.00

"This book is interesting enough to read straight through, but it also serves as a handy and valuable reference to consult repeatedly as the need arises. For an especially thoughtful gift, wrap it up with a few seed packets."


"If you are just starting to grow your own food, start with herbs and this plot to plate guide. From basil to vervain, this photographic catalog of more than 130 culinary herbs will teach you everything you need."

Boston Globe

"If you like herbs and you like to cook, you'll find plenty to absorb in this small book - not just how to grow, harvest, and store 120 different herbs, but how to use them in interesting ways in the kitchen."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"It's a neat little book that may make herb naysayers take a second look. It not only explains how to grow herbs, but also it gives delicious and easy recipes to make use of the harvest."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

About The Cook's Herb Garden

From your garden to your table, and every step in between, this lovely book will guide you through planting, growing, harvesting, and cooking herbs.

There’s a visual index of 120 culinary herbs and more than 30 delicious recipes to make with them. You’ll be able to prepare your own salad dressing, marinades, flavored butter, pesto, herbal teas, and cordials, and add seasoning to your favorite meals.

Whether you have a vegetable garden or want to fill some plant pots or window boxes, this book provides all the advice you need to start growing herbs. It gives you beneficial information on which herbs do well in different environments and situations. Learn the groups of herbs that like to grow together and create different selections like Mediterranean, everyday essentials, and salad herbs. 

Become an expert gardener with this compendium of herb cultivation. You'll find out when to plant the seeds and how to nurture them as they grow. There's helpful advice on how to keep pests away. Once you have harvested your herbs, learn the different ways you can store them for future meals, like freezing or drying them. 

Try your hand at the recipes to experience and enjoy the wonderful herbs you've grown. This library of herbs includes notes on their flavor and partner charts, which tell you which herbs go well with different dishes and drinks. You will know the best places to use your herbs and how to make exciting things with them.

Master Gardener to Master Chef

This is an essential handbook for anyone who wants to spice up their dinners with more flavor, make refreshing drinks, or learn how to partner with different flavors. Enjoy this special kind of recipe book that will help you create your own herb garden, so that every herb you use in the kitchen, you have the pleasure of growing it yourself. An especially thoughtful gift for the gardener or chef in your life.

   • 120 different culinary herbs, with stunning photos and clear descriptions.
   • Four sections with advice on how to plant, nurture, harvest, store, and cook with these herbs.
   • More than 30 recipes for hot and cold drinks, condiments, dressings, and many sensational meals.